A Cool Trini in Philly

A very brief history

I was born in New York City to two loving West Indian parents, Dad from Trinidad and Mom from St. Vincent. Grew up in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY and St. Petersburg, Florida. Parents blessed me with a solid 12-year Catholic education that has a lot to do with the way I am today for better and for worse! Learned the hard way to become a student at MIT and drop my oversized straight-A student ego. Developed skills for learning, dealing with change, ambiguity, etc. that serve me well to this day. Afterwards, I moved to Philadelphia to began my career at Lockheed Martin Corp. There I met the love of my life, Lisa, who would bless me beyond measure with two beautiful children: Amari and Imani. Had an existential epiphany and asked God for some direction. Prayerfully went back to get an MBA which kicked off a very tumultuous ride career-wise. Experimented with a different career and learned a lot more than I bargained for. Had some tough failures that almost got me, truth be known, but as the song goes "God held me close so I wouldn't let go." Nowadays I'm back on the original tech path armed with great experiences and the scars to prove it, but still with a thirst to learn and leave this world better than I found it.

Things I Can Do

• Multiplier of the talents God gave me. • Work in site reliability engineering, cloud architecture and operational business intelligence. • Develop cloud native software. • Struggle to devote enough time to get my black belt. • Love real hip-hop (none of that mumble nonsense). • Look with wonder (and a telescope) at the night sky • Fantasize about joining Starfleet.

A Few Accomplishments

MIT. UPenn. Wharton. Center for Progressive Leadership fellow. EducationWorks Board member. Certified AWS Practitioner. (Certified Architect pending.)